Franchise Models

ActionCOACH Models

FIRM OWNER (Our Investor Level Model)

  • A manager-investor model where you are the CEO/Managing Partner of a multi-coach firm, similar to an accounting or law firm.
  • Ideal for a single investor or for investors as equity partners.
  • An asset-based model that will increase in value over time.
  • Offers a protected geographically-exclusive Designated Direct Market Area (DDMA) based on zip codes.
  • Your franchise license investment is based on a guaranteed number of businesses, with a one-time license payment for a 15-year term agreement.
  • You can hire an unlimited number of Employee Business Coaches to work within your firm.
  • You will provide coaching services to your own clients, but your primary focus will be growing your firm by supporting your
    Employee Business Coaches.
  • An ideal model for candidates with executive C-Level leadership experience and Senior Managers who have led and built teams.


  • As an Employee Business Coach, you are an employee working for a Firm owner franchise partner.
  • You have a specific geographic area or business type.
  • You assist with business development, client sales & support, educational presentations, and provide coaching services directly to clients in both group and one-on-one settings.
  • Local training and support provided by your Franchise Partner.
  • Your Franchise Partner will provide a customized compensation and expense-sharing plan.
  • An ideal position for someone wanting to be a certified ActionCOACH Business Coach, but is not in a position to invest in a franchise. Someone who loves the idea of being a coach, but is primarily looking for a job or contractor position.